Our Founder- Don von Hollen

Don von Hollen has been playing baseball for over 25 years and continues to play, leading YYC Senior men’s teams to provincial championships and national championship games.  He loves the game, and especially baseball’s ability to build better humans off the field as baseball develops the fortitude necessary to be successful in all areas of life. Don von Hollen’s coaching experience includes:

  • Coaching Certification- NCCP # 1083455
    • NCCP Level 3 Baseball Trained
    • Certified Provincial Coach
    • Trained Pitching and Catching Development Coach
  • Team Alberta Coach (Alberta Amateur Baseball Council)
    • 2009 Canada Cup
    • 2009, 2010, 2013 Team Alberta 16U Prospects
  • Alberta Summer Games/ Zone Championships
    • 2007, 2008, 2010 Zone 4 Head Coach
  • Development Camp Coaching (Alberta Amateur Baseball Council)
    • 2008 Team Alberta Spring Training
    • 2008 Team Alberta Winter High-Performance Camps
    • 2009 Team Alberta Winter High-Performance Camps
    • 2009 Central Alberta Winter High-Performance Camps
  • Baseball Alberta
    • Baseball Coach Evaluator
    • Baseball Alberta Coaching Facilitator
  • National Sport Academy
    • Catching Coordinator

Our Approach

Being a catcher is difficult. It is a thankless job and we know it takes the footwork of a second baseman, the arm of a right fielder and the hands of a shortstop to be successful.

We work in the trenches with our athletes, completing each drill, warmup and technique with them- demonstrating the commitment and fortitude it takes to develop and excel. We also demonstrate our passion for the game, how playing such a demanding position can be fun and how the approach a catcher must develop in preparing and playing the game can be carried off the field.

Our Story

As a third-generation catcher, I realized my father and grandfather’s strength and fortitude was forged behind the plate and under a mask.

Growing up I saw how little repetitions catchers received in practice- bullpens, bunt defence and pop times. Even in selection camps, pop times are the primary (sometimes only) evaluation of a catcher!

I came to realize there were so few people that played or understood the position, that much of it rested on the individual through trial and error to make adjustments and improve their game. Too often pitching AND catching training for new coaches is provided by those who know how to pitch, but haven’t studied the art of catching- demonstrating only rudimentary skills.

As a student of the game and a lifelong learner, I decided to take catching development out of the hands of generalists and give it the attention a position with such impact deserves. Because catchers are involved with EVERY pitch thrown by the defence- this demands training above and beyond other positions. One passed ball, one miss called pitch, one poor throw and the momentum in a game changes faster than the blink of an eye.


Let’s begin to Win. Each. Pitch. together!

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